Link Building

Get the Right Links

I know it can be very tempting and appeasing to hear about these companies selling “high-quality links”  but are they the right links for your link building strategy?

Things you should consider before purchasing links:

  1. Are they appropriate for your niche?
  2. Are they organic or just spammed to have a high DA/PA?
  3. Do they have a good Moz Rank?
  4. How is the traffic to those sites?

If you are purchasing links that are not niche-specific and are just spammed to have a high Domain Authority and Page Authority than you are only hurting your website. It is better to use a low-quality, Niche Specific backlink than it is to have spammed backlinks that have nothing to do with your Niche. Google will penalize you for having links that do not relate.

At Prime Marketing we offer High-Quality Links that are relative to your Niche. We do not spam the sites with software to give a fake and temporary DA/PA. After every order is complete, we will send you reports to track your Traffic and Keyword Rankings every month to show you the progress you are making. Keep in mind that SEO Is a long-term solution and not a “Quick Fix” to get you instant traffic and revenue.

If you are interested in getting the best outcome with your SEO strategy, check out our Content Marketing and Onsite SEO services.

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